A listing of public and philanthropic funders of health research


Healthresearchfunders.org was developed to address the current paucity of knowledge about organizations that fund health research in the world. The aim of this website is to increase transparency in this area by providing a global listing of public and philanthropic organizations that fund health research, including their annual expenditures on health research.

The website is maintained by Roderik Viergever, MD PhD, a scientist that focuses on issues related to health research governance. The website was developed as part of a post-doc research project at the Radboud universty medical center Nijmegen on a not-for-profit basis. No specific funding was received to establish the website. The launch of the website was accompanied by the publication of an article, which explains more about the website: The 10 largest public and philanthropic funders of health research in the world: what they fund and how they distribute their funds. Roderik F. Viergever and Thom C. C. Hendriks. Health Research Policy and Systems, 2016,14:12. DOI: 10.1186/s12961-015-0074.

At this moment, the data on this website are still limited. In the future, the aim is to expand the database with data from more funding organizations. If you are a funding organization, or another organization or individual, and you wish to help make this database more inclusive or more accurate, please email data@healthresearchfunders.org. For more information about this website, for any questions, or if you have suggestions for how the website can be improved, please email info@healthresearchfunders.org.