A listing of public and philanthropic funders of health research

Health research funding organizations

European Commission

Organization details

Organization: European Commission (EC)
Website: cordis.europa.eu/fp7/home_en.html
Country: European Union (EU)
Annual expenditures on health research (in million 2013 US dollars): 3,717.7
Annual expenditures on health research (in million 2013 PPP US dollars): #N/A
Annual funding for health research in original currency (in millions): 2,800.0
Original currency: Euro
Type of funder: Public
Year from which funding data were derived: 2013
Description of source from which the data were acquired: From http://www.healthcompetence.eu/converis/static/about : HealthCompetence.eu is a pan-European Research Information System making key information accessible on all projects funded by the EC within Health Science in the 6th and 7th Framework Programmes (FP6 & FP7).
Source link: http://www.healthcompetence.eu/converis/reports
Other notes: Some funders consist of several sub-programs with very different funding mechanisms and patterns. We have included as much as possible both numbers for the overall funding organization (e.g. the European Commission) and its sub-programs (e.g. the FP7 Cooperation health theme or the European Research Council).

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