A listing of public and philanthropic funders of health research

Health research funding organizations

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Organization details

Organization: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF)
Website: www.gatesfoundation.org/
Country: United States (USA)
Annual expenditures on health research (in million 2013 US dollars): 462.6
Annual expenditures on health research (in million 2013 PPP US dollars): 462.6
Annual funding for health research in original currency (in millions): 447.9
Original currency: US dollar
Type of funder: Philanthropic
Year from which funding data were derived: 2011
Description of source from which the data were acquired: Expenditure figures are derived from G-finder (Global Funding of Innovation for Neglected Diseases)
Source link: http://g-finder.policycures.org/gfinder_report/
Other notes: Data were derived from the G-FINDER survey and thus only include expenditures on health research and development of new products for neglected diseases, expenditures on other health research is not included in the stated amount.

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