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World Health Organization

Organization details

Organization: World Health Organization (WHO)
Website: www.who.int/
Country: multilateral (multilateral)
Annual expenditures on health research (in million 2013 US dollars): 135.0
Annual expenditures on health research (in million 2013 PPP US dollars): #N/A
Annual funding for health research in original currency (in millions): 107.5
Original currency: US dollar
Type of funder: Multilateral
Year from which funding data were derived: 2006
Description of source from which the data were acquired: Article: Terry RF, van der Rijt T. Overview of research activities associated with the World Health Organization: results of a survey covering 2006/07. Health Res Policy Syst, 2010, 8, 25.
Source link: http://www.health-policy-systems.com/content/8/1/25
Other notes: -

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